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Company Profile

CV.Sumber Cahaya Diesel is one of the companies manufacturing generating sets in Indonesia, and is wholly owned by a private company established in 1994 for the purpose of marketing the product, assembling, employment testing, painting a broad product and service to meet customer needs and satisfaction.

CV.Sumber Cahaya Diesel generating sets to produce high quality and using the engine and alternator that are already well-known in our national and international market. In addition to the standard production of generating sets, CV.Sumber Cahaya Diesel also produces generating sets in the form of trailers and mobile units, standard or special or soundproof canopy.

With the combination of skilled staff and technicians in all fields and strong leader, we hope that our company can meet the challenges of the necessary changes in industrial generating sets.

So far we have managed to be trusted to handle many projects, both from the private sector and the government. This success was impossible for us to get without the trust from our customers.


We also accept if you want to lease genset. We provide genset beginning from 50 kva until 5000 kva. If you are not really understand genset's requirement that your needs, we always ready to help you to consult any genset's capacity that you need to lease.

Jl Daan Mogot Km 12 no 50, Jakarta 11730
Telp : (62-21) 619 3154 , (62-21) 541 4344 , (62-21) 540 3176
Fax : (62-21) 545 0391


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